• Social Media Policy

ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited Social Media Policy

ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited (hereafter “Company”) has established and observes the “ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited Social Media Policy” (hereafter “Policy”) regarding activities on official social media accounts.

Social Media Terms of Use

The Company aims to remain trusted and appreciated by customers through the publishing of the Company’s philosophy, information, etc., via social media.
Specifically, social media is used for the following three purposes.


To have more of the Company’s customers and stakeholders know about the ENEOS Group’s various activities, products, and services.


To increase customer satisfaction, trust in the Company, and brand value.


For the Company to deeply consider and understand the products and services customers wish for the Company to provide.

Basic Stance for the Use of Social Media


When using social media, obey the terms of use and the culture and manners of the respective social media.


Understand that any information once published to social media cannot be completely deleted, so participate in social media with temperate disposition as a sensible person.


Observe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and other rights through thorough compliance (observing both legal requirements and Company rules).

Social Media Official Accounts Guidelines

The “ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited Social Media Official Account Guidelines” have been established to regulate the use of official accounts on social media to achieve better communication with customers.

ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited Social Media Official Account Guidelines

Comments and Inquires from Customers

Please understand that as a rule the Company just individually responds to the comments and messages from customers published to the Company’s official accounts if necessary. For inquiries regarding Official Accounts, please contact the Company as specified below.