• Social Media Official Account Guidelines

ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited Social Media Official Account Guidelines

01 Purpose

The purpose of the ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited Social Media Official Account Guidelines (hereafter “Guidelines”) is for users to enjoy the information published in the Company’s official social media accounts (hereafter “Official Accounts”) established in accordance with the “ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited Social Media Policy,” and to set the rules for publication to Official Accounts (publication as meant here is contents provided to Officials Accounts including comments, photographs, videos, etc. The same applies hereafter.) (which collectively hereafter is referred to as “Using Official Accounts.”).
The specifications, operation method, and information communicated for the Guidelines and Official Accounts may be changed without notice.

02 Terms of Use

All users when using Official Accounts shall observe these Guidelines and the Terms of Use of the respective social media.

03 Disclaimer

The Company shall in no way be held responsible for the following specified items.
Any damages suffered by the user due to use of, or not being able to use, the information published on Official Accounts.
The contents of information published by all users.
Any trouble or damages suffered due to the contents published by all users (This includes but is not limited to trouble that occurs between users and between a user and a third party).

04 Prohibited Items

The actions specified in the following items are prohibited when using Official Accounts. When the Company deems that contents published to Official Accounts violate one of the following items it may delete said contents without prior notice to the publisher.

  1. Actions that violate or could violate legal requirements, including laws and regulations, or other social norms.
  2. Acts that infringe on the rights of the Company or a third party, including copyrights, trademarks, and publicity rights.
  3. Contents for the purpose of committing a crime or actions to encourage the committing of a crime.
  4. Acts that violate privacy, such as the personal information or human rights of a third party.
  5. Acts that defame a specific individual, company, country, region, etc.
  6. Acts that violate the Terms of Use of the respective social media.
  7. Acts for commercial or profit-making purposes, such as introducing one’s own products, stores, or company; advertising; etc.
  8. Acts for the purpose of political, religious, or political campaigning activities.
  9. Inappropriate acts including indecent expression, etc.
  10. Acts that interfere with the smooth operation of Official Accounts or acts that disturb other people.
  11. Acts of impersonation of Company-related individuals or third parties.
  12. Acts of fraud or dissemination of factually incorrect contents or the risk of dissemination of the same.
  13. Acts that discriminate or promote discrimination based on race, gender, ideas, belief, etc.
  14. Any other acts the Company deems inappropriate for the purpose of the Official Accounts.

05 Privacy Policy, etc.

In the event the Company collects personal information from users accompanying the operation of Official Accounts, said personal information will be appropriately managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy and Personal Information Handling Policy of the ENEOS Group.

ENEOS Group Privacy Policy and Personal Information Handling Policy

06 Inquiries Regarding Official Accounts

For inquiries regarding Official Accounts, please contact the Company as specified below.
ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited

When making inquiries, please agree in advance to the items stated in “Personal Information Protection” at
ENEOS Vietnam Company Limited